Destinations in the southern hemisphere to escape the winter blues

southern hemisphere

Winters are coming, although everyone seems to enjoy the first snow of the season but after a while, winter gets a bit boring and depressing. There is nothing much to do in the season and all we can do is to stay at home most of the time, if winters are frustrating for you as well then we are going to suggest you some of the best worm places in the world where you can spend your post-Christmas holidays.

southern hemisphere


One of the best places you can visit till December, it’s a small island located in the Mediterranean sea but it has been considered as the best tourist destination in the whole of Europe. Cyprus has got something for everyone, from beautiful beaches to scuba diving, awesome nightlife to historical places. Paphos is the only city in the world which has been recognized as a world heritage by UNESCO.

Phuket, Thailand

Phuket is the largest Island of Thailand, it is known for the stunning beaches, beautiful temples and many water activities.

In the recent years, Phuket has become a major travel destination for travelers from around the world because of its pocket-friendly hotels, exotic beauty, body massages and relaxing peace.


If you are really fed up of winters then Dubai can be a great party destination; worm environment, great entertainment and everything that you expect on your vacation. Dubai offers big shopping centers, lavish hotels and some great action sports that can fill your trip with the thrill.

southern hemisphere

Kerala, India

India is a country that can offer you the temperature according to your preferences, if you want to have some sun bath at beach then head towards Goa, if you are looking for warm weather and peace then head towards the south of India and if you are interested in visiting beautiful hills then you better go in the northeastern part of India.

I personally prefer Kerala because of the beautiful coconut trees, a lot of natural beauties, houseboats to spend some quality time with a partner.

Tulum, Mexico

Mexico is a great option for most of the Americans to escape the winters, Tulum is a great destination to spend your winters time because of the peace and quiet beaches.


southern hemisphere

Sydney, Australia

Sydney has a bounty of perfectly clear shorelines, complemented by the beautiful sights (think the Opera House, Harbor and Bridge) and that laid-back Sydneysider way of life. Surfing exercises are an unquestionable requirement on the off chance that you are remaining longer than seven days – Bondi Icebergs is the ideal area for some delicate swimming, morning or night.