Louise Katz

From my perspective, the secret to success is that you need to work to live, and not live to work. What this saying essentially means is that you cannot let work dictate your life. This is where I went wrong in my early life.

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Learning from my early years

When I was a younger woman, with fewer wrinkles and less sag, I was committed to working as hard as I could for as long as I could. While many of my school and college friends went traveling in the earlier years I worked my ass off to reach as high as I could in my professional career.

As a college graduate with a degree in economics, I went straight from school to work and committed myself to a life of early starts and late finishes in an effort to impress. What I found was, although I reached a high position in the company I worked for, my life was severely lacking in many areas. I wasn’t happy and if anything I was envious of my friends who were working full-time yet engaged in lasting relationships and spending their hard earned money on travel adventures and fun activities.

I realized something needed to change, and that if I was going to live a more fulfilling life it was up to me to make that change.

Making the change

What I realized is that I needed to free up more time for me. There were obvious advantages to working hard, the money, the position of respect and power. But I was not happy. I had no friends at work and I was losing friends at home simply because I had nothing to relate to them about. I was lonely also as I had neglected to find a relationship.

A change for the better

From that point forward I have lived my life in a different way. I have worked 9 am to 5 pm (granted sometimes 6 pm) and no longer. I have switched off my work phone in the evenings and on weekends and created a bucket list of all the things in life I have wanted to do, buy and see. I have started ticking off that list. I work to live, to fund a more enjoyable lifestyle and not the other way around.

The result is I have a wonderful fiancee, a life filled with magnificent travel experiences and a room filled with all the things I’ve ever wanted to splash my money on!

Bucket list Item 32

“Create a blog and detail the fun life I am living”.

I wrote that bucket list item in May of 2009. Today is the day I tick it off. My goal is to not only leave a record of the enjoyable things that I have experienced and witnessed but to hopefully offer advice to others who are looking to make a change and live a more enjoyable life.

This is going to be fun. I hope you find the site as enjoyable as I will making it. Let’s be friends!