My Bucket List

The bucket list

I have included my bucket list on this page for readers who may be curious as to my progress. My life changed forever the day in 2009 that I decided to start this list. I continue to add items as I encounter new and exciting things.

Items written in bold are the ones I have completed.

I plan to complete it before I am ready to kick the bucket!

  1. Learn to surf
  2. Ride a zip line in Asia
  3. Get a tattoo
  4. Swim with dolphins
  5. Scuba dive in the Great Barrier Reef
  6. Beat my friends at paintball
  7. Learn to ski or snowboard
  8. Jump out of a plane
  9. Help the elephants in Thailand
  10. Abseil down a building
  11. Venture underneath a waterfall
  12. Swim with turtles
  13. Watch the sunrise on a secluded beach
  14. Attend a same-sex wedding
  15. Split an uber with a stranger
  16. Help a stranger on a train
  17. Re-engage with an old friend
  18. Star in a theatrical play
  19. Do my family tree
  20. Swim in my pajamas
  21. Sign up for a pottery class
  22. Be a contestant on a game show
  23. Busk in the city center
  24. Drive from coast to coast in the USA
  25. Learn to juggle
  26. Dance on a bartop 
  27. Go on a ship cruise
  28. Attend a live ballet performance
  29. Complete a PlayStation 4 video game
  30. Attend the Superbowl
  31. Change my hair color for a year 
  32. Create a website
  33. Go without makeup for an entire week
  34. Learn to cook a traditional food from another country
  35. Drink at an ice bar
  36. Visit a vineyard 
  37. Go camping in the Canadian wilderness 
  38. Make pasta from scratch
  39. Complete a jigsaw puzzle
  40. Learn to ride a motorbike
  41. Do a Random Act of Kindness
  42. Feed the homeless at a soup kitchen
  43. Donate blood
  44. Learn sign language
  45. Learn to kayak
  46. Run a marathon
  47. Attend a Yoga retreat
  48. Take a trip to Africa and do a Safari
  49. Stay at a hostel in Europe
  50. Tour the beautiful country of Cyprus
  51. Drive along route 66
  52. Visit Machu Pichu
  53. Float in the dead sea
  54. Climb Mt Fuji