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Eliminating Signs Of Nervousness During That Crucial Job Interview

signs of nervousness

Its normal to get nervous while appearing for a big interview, people tend to get nervous because of the uncertainty of interviewing process and we are unaware of the fact that what’s are about to experience in next one hour.

But being nervous and anxious while interview can have adverse effects on your career and can lead to rejection, there are few tricks and tips that you can follow to recover yourself from the pre-interview anxiety and help you leave a better impression on interviewers.

Be careful of what you consume before the interview

What you eat or drink has a big impact on your mind and body, try to restrain yourself from high caffeine since it will boost your metabolism and will result in high blood pressure. Never consume a heavy meal before the interviews it will make you feel bloated and dull. Consume high protein and healthy breakfast which make you feel lighter and healthier.


One of the common signs of nervousness is improper blood pressure and excessive stress, concentrate of deep breathing. Do you know what it the key practice of any form of yoga? It’s breathing. Breathing has many positive effects on your body; practicing deep breathing will help you supply more oxygenated blood towards your brain which helps in relieving stress and sense of relaxation.

signs of nervousness

Tell yourself that you are the best

Once you sense the signs of nervousness just remind yourself of the purpose of your life, your dreams and why you are better than anyone else. Reminding yourself of your strengths will help you calm down and will also help in gaining the required confidence to face the interview.

Question your thoughts

Its common to have negative vibes while getting nervous before an interview. Whenever you find yourself surrounded by the negative vibes always question yourself about the negative though. Questions like ‘are you capable enough to pass the interview?’ and ‘why you are the best?’ will help you relieve anxiety and boost you with the confidence.


Smile has a great psychological effect on your brain, smile send the signals to the brain that everything is perfect and you are happy. While getting nervous about the interview process, try to smile and remember good things that happened in your life, thank god for everything you have.

Get into power pose

Power posing has a great psychological effect on your success and confidence. Practice strong posture, firm handshake and good eye contact to feel more confident about your eligibility.  Refer a video below to learn more about power posing.