How To Start Crossing Off Those Things To Do Before You Die.

things to do before you die

We all have been through the time in line when we created a list of things to do in life but we never got time or courage to work on that bucket list. This article is only intended to give you the required motivation to work on your bucket list and help you with finishing those incomplete tasks that you always wanted to do before you die.

My name is Lousie and I am also on a mission to work on my personal bucket list that I created in 2009, I will help you deal with your’s too, through the process to start crossing off those things to do before you die.


You need to start with having faith that you really want to do those things that you decided years ago and have faith in yourself that you still got that energy and thirst to accomplish those tasks.

Categorize and prioritize

Start with categorizing the things to do before you die according to their difficulty level, and prioritize them according to their importance they posses for you.

Prioritizing will help you figure out the importance of every task and dividing the tasks into different categories will help you complete the easier tasks first to get yourself into the rhythm of working on to your bucket list.

Start practicing some self-care

Do you know why you never worked on your bucket list? The most common reason is your priority, self-love has never been your priority. You have been so busy in taking care of family and job work that you never thought about things you want to accomplish before you die. Taking time for self-love in constant duration will get you in the habit of thinking about your needs as well.

Start with the easy one

Once you have divided the tasks according to their difficulty level and you have started practicing some self-love as well, now start with completing the easiest tasks first, completing those tasks will motivate you to complete the rest tasks as well.

Join communities

If you are still not sure how to complete some tasks then you can opt to join online communities where people have been doing the same, this was you can stay motivated and find some companions to do the tasks with you.

Backpack and leave

Overthinking has ruined many lives, we are stuck with daily responsibilities so much that we forget to live our life. Some time best idea is to be little selfish, do your backpacking and leave.

Don’t be afraid to take decisions

Sometimes you are unable to follow your instincts because of the obligations they carry for the world, people make themselves obligated to do things according to their office boss or family members. If you really want to experience those things that you mentioned on your bucket list then you better learn to take decisions without being afraid.

If you are looking for ideas to include in your wish list, here are some suggestions.