Surviving Europe as a vegan

surviving europe


Being Vegan is not everyone’s cup of tea, especially if you are in Europe. Although every country is not the same and so their food habits, you will be able to find decent vegan food at some countries but in some parts of Europe, it is going to be a really difficult experience.

Vegetarianism is still a pretty new concept in some part of Europe and prepare yourself to answer a common question “How do you fulfill your body’s protein requirements?”.

Practical tips to surviving Europe as a vegan

Let’s get straight to the point and discuss some of the best practical tips to follow to survive in Europe if you are a vegan.


Frequent travelers have a habit of doing research prior to their trip, this makes the whole process easy for them. Research about the weather conditions, cultural values of local people and their eating patterns. What is the local availability of vegan food and what is an online availability of vegan food?

Not all the countries are the same

Not all the countries are same, northern Europe (Norway, Sweden, and Denmark) is the most difficult to survive for the vegans while other countries like Italy have Pizza and pasta, Spain has Vegetarian Tapas, Greece has aubergines and olives and the UK has many vegan options.

Go digital

You can take help of some of the online app that is made especially for vegans, apps like Happy Cow will track your location and will let you know the vegan food options available around you.  

Opt for simple meals

Instead of looking full mean, look for simple and small meals that are easy to get. You can hop into the local supermarket and buy yourself some fruits, some veggies, and dressing for the salad.  

You can also keep some protein bars and energy bars to fuel yourself when there is no availability of vegan food.


Networking is an essential part of traveling to a new place, establish communication with new people to know more about their culture and food habits. If there is no availability of vegan food, you can ask your newly made friends for some help.

Local people are always a better solution than any mobile application.