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Swimming with Dolphins

An experience to savor

I had always dreamed of swimming with dolphins. I don’t know what it is about them that appeals. Maybe it stems back to childhood when we sat down as a family to watch flipper or maybe it is just the positive, warm nature that the dolphin exudes.

All I know is traveling to Discovery Cove in Orlando, Florida to cross this dream off my bucket list I had nothing but the highest of expectations. Life has taught me that where expectations are high, generally there will be a letdown.

dolphin smiling at Discovery Bay

Let me tell you….┬áthere was no letdown!

swimming with dolphins at Discovery Bay

What a wonderful, glorious, uplifting experience. Swimming alongside these magnificent creatures I felt as joyous as I have in ages. Seeing the dolphin, dive and turn with such ease is well worth the trip itself but it is the way they engage with humans that leaves the most lasting impression.

How do I put it? They are simply social. Welcoming. Inviting. Cuddly. Their warm nature leaves you feeling like you’re effectively swimming with a labrador.

There were no negatives to this experience, just a lasting memory that I will take with me to the grave. I strongly urge you all to undertake this activity. What a dream. Maybe we can learn something from the way the dolphin engages with total strangers. They would be, after all, more than forgiven for being upset with us. But they aren’t. Just magnificently friendly animals that we, as a race, must cherish.