Why Renting An Apartment Beats Staying In A Hotel

renting an apartment

It depends on many variables to decide if renting an apartment can be more beneficial than staying at the hotel. So you are on a holiday or business trip but you are not sure whether to choose a renting apartment or stay at the hotel, we are going to make you have a clear mindset on what option to choose from.

Staying at a hotel or renting an apartment, both have their own number of benefits and disadvantages. It’s important to recognize your needs before you choose any of them.

let’s discuss few variables that are important to consider before making a decision.

The number of days: one of the most important variable to look after before you decide to go for the renting an apartment vs booking a hotel. Renting an apartment is always a cheaper option to stay but if you are planning to stay for no more than 5 days then it’s better to book a hotel.

The number of people: How many numbers of people are going to stay with you? whether it’s you all alone or you are traveling with a group of people. Price of staying may fluctuate with the number of people staying.

Personal or corporate: Are you going to a corporate meeting or is it just a personal trip? Most of the corporate trips are sponsored by the company and you are not required to bother about the price you pay.

Security: What kind of security are you expecting while having a stay? This can be very crucial to know for the all-female travelers or known personality. You have to pay some attention to the difference in security.

Flexibility and professionalism: Your motive might require a different level of flexibility and professionalism, it will be better to keep that in mind before choosing your stay.

renting an apartment

Benefits of renting an apartment instead of booking a hotel room.

Cheap: its always a cheap option to stay at the rented apartment instead of booking a hotel room for the long duration of time if your plan is to stay for more then a week at the same place then you better choose a rental apartment instead of hotel room.

A number of persons: if you are traveling with a group of people instead of traveling alone then rental apartments are a better option, rental apartments allow you to stay more than 2 people at a single time. Most of the hotel rooms are accommodated for 2 persons and they are not very spacious and suitable for the more than 2 people.

Number of rooms: number of rooms provided by renting apartments are always greater in number as compared to the hotel room. When booking a budget hotel room you are always provided with a single room with attached bathroom but while renting an apartment you will get a hall, rooms, balcony, and kitchen.

Flexibility: Flexibility is an issue that matters a lot to me, sometimes hotels and their staffs are not flexible enough to fulfill all my desires. Most of the hotels close their kitchens after 11 pm that is not acceptable for me if I am on a vacation with my friends or love I want to have the flexibility to have food at any time of day. Renting apartments gives me the flexibility to cook my food on my will, sometimes you just need a good sandwich after a lovemaking with your girlfriend. 😉

renting an apartment

Drawbacks of staying at the renting apartments

Lack of professionalism: if you are someone who needs personal attention and high-end services then you should probably stay away from the renting apartments. Most of the renting apartments are run by their local owners who are not very presentable and professional, you will be expected to handle things on your own.

Language: if you are not aware of the local language then you should probably stay away from the idea of renting an apartment, because of the local owners you cant expect them to know the global language and they won’t be able to guide you efficiently. Hotels concentrated more on the customer satisfaction that’s why they concentrate more on hiring staff that is aware of the common global language.

Security: if you are a girl who is on a solo trip to somewhere then you should probably not choose the renting apartment since they are not very much secure. There are some regions of the world where crime rate is quite high there it won’t be suitable to stay at renting apartments.